Sue Parker Hall welcomes you to Empathic Anger Management, a radical new approach to anger management that helps you address the underlying issues.

Skype Anger Management

Empathic Anger Management is now available worldwide by Skype in the English language in two formats

  • an intensive: a 60 minute assessment followed by 500 minutes of therapyover nine days (two weekends and five working days) at a cost of £60.00 for the assessment and £500 for the 500 minutes of therapy.
  • weekly sessions: a 60 minute assessment followed by 10 X 50 minutetherapy sessions at a regular time each week


Payment by BACS or Paypal in three stages:

  1. £60.00 (by BACS) £65.00 (by Paypal) for assessment in advance
  2. £250.00 (by BACS) £275.00 (by Paypal) in advance of first 250 minutes of therapy
  3. £250.00 (by BACS) £275.00 (by Paypal) in advance of second 250 minutes of therapy