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Relational Mindfulness CPD training

matisse relational mindfulness


Relational Mindfulness (RM) emphasizes the important link between relationship and optimum brain function.  This training day focuses on the way counsellors and psychotherapists work in a co-created, energetic field, sharing an awareness of their own process within that environment to support their client to

  • be embodied
  • bear, share and process their inner experiences
  • tap into their resources (emotional wisdom, intuition, reality checking, meaning making, self-soothing and decision making skills)
  • increase their potential to involve themselves in, and enjoy human relationships


Sue shares her model of self which is body, mind and social and her RM methodology, robustly underpinned by a range of psychotherapy theories, material from other disciplines including psychology, neuroscience and biology and from trauma specialists such as Van der Kolk, Ogden and Rothschild.

Sue teaches her models, theory and methodology into the group’s existing knowledge and experience through small and large group experiential learning, demonstration and skills practices.


Sue Parker Hall says……

sue-new2015“I deeply respect the positive outcomes achieved by those who practice, and help their clients practice the psychology model of mindfulness. However, I have been concerned about its

  • teacher/pupil dynamic
  • programme format
  • do-it-yourself Vs social nature

I identify as a relational therapist and I became aware that my clients were developing mindfulness within the therapeutic relationship and this has led me to identify and develop RM practice is embedded in a co-created relationship.”


Practitioners will increase their awareness of how they are already practising mindfully and helping their clients to become more mindful, and to be inspired and able to further develop their RM practice.