Sue Parker Hall welcomes you to Empathic Anger Management, a radical new approach to anger management that helps you address the underlying issues.

*new* Anger Masterclass – March & April 2016

I’m introducing a new series of Anger Masterclasses with the first ones scheduled for March 12th 2016 in Cornwall and April 16th 2016 in Birmingham.

This masterclass is a unique opportunity for anyone who considers themselves to have difficulties with anger and anger management or is affected by the anger issues of someone else to spend the day in a safe and supportive environment with me, an anger and rage specialist of over twenty years experience. I’m also the author of ‘Anger, Rage & Relationship: An Empathic Approach to Anger Management’ (2008, Routledge), which explores the differences between anger and rage and how to treat them. During the day I will help you to more deeply understand the underlying causes of your anger issues and what can be done to heal them.

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here for Anger Masterclass (CORNWALL) 12th March 2016

here for Anger Masterclass (BIRMINGHAM) 16th April 2016